Zentripetal Performs Marlow’s Music at Symphony Space/Bar Thalia 6-8-17

Zentripetal—Lynn Bechtold, violin & Jennifer DeVore, celloymphony Space/Bar ThaliaHailed as

Hailed as “close to the edge” and “impressive” the “dynamic duo” Zentripetal—Lynn Bechtold, violin & Jennifer DeVore, cello—will perform two sets featuring works from their programs Ars Electronica/NYC, and Django & Tangos.

The first set will feature works, with and without electronics, by NYC composers, including Eugene Marlow. They will perform Marlow’s “Une Jeune Fille D’Amoureuse Des Fleurs Aupres de la Riviere Ouche a Dijon.”

The seven-minute piece is structured as a theme and variations duo originally intended for a young audience. For example, the opening 16 measures are remindful of a nursery rhyme sung to young children. The five variations explore this theme, ending with a section that constantly increases in tempo.

About Zentripetal
Labeled “up-and-coming” by Time Out NY, and a “dynamic duo” by Classics Today,  Zentripetal made its debut in 2006. Longtime collaborators, violinist Lynn Bechtold and cellist Jennifer DeVore have been performing together since they were students at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  More . . .

BAR Thalia
2537 Broadway (at W. 95th Street)
New York, NY 10025

Thursday, June 8, 2017



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